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Aunt Ashley’s Video on Konvy’s OnlyFans Causes a Stir in Town



Photo of Shreshtha Banerjee

Konvy, a popular streamer on Kick, often shares his live streams and videos with his aunt, Ashley. What some may not know is that Ashley is also an OnlyFans model, a platform where creators sell explicit content to subscribers for easy money.

Unfortunately, Ashley has been the target of inappropriate sexual comments in Konvy’s chatroom, and even encountered someone attempting to flash her during a live stream. Despite this, Ashley does not take the comments personally, and Konvy is well aware of her online activities.

However, the audience often uses Ashley’s OnlyFans account to make jokes and pick on her during Konvy’s live streams. In one instance, a video of Ashley engaging in sexual acts was leaked from her OnlyFans platform and appeared in a meme submission on Konvy’s Discord.

Upon seeing the video, Konvy expressed his displeasure and condemned the inappropriate behavior. He threatened to take action against the person responsible for leaking the video.

The incident highlights the issue of invasion of privacy and exploitation in the online content creation industry. Ashley’s experience serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting individuals’ boundaries and privacy, regardless of their online presence.

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