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What is WhatsApp’s ‘Recent Online Contacts’ feature and how can you use it?



WhatsApp introduces 'Recent Online Contacts' feature: What is this and how to use it

WhatsApp is set to introduce a new feature that will showcase recent online contacts, making it easier for users to initiate chats with those they’ve recently interacted with. This enhancement aims to streamline communication and highlight active contacts on the popular messaging platform owned by Meta.

The new feature, currently in beta testing, will offer users a curated list of recent active contacts, allowing for quick and easy communication with friends, family, and colleagues. While not an exhaustive list of all online contacts, this feature will provide valuable insights into who is currently available for a conversation.

WhatsApp’s latest addition aligns with its mission to optimize user experience and facilitate timely communication. By prompting users to connect with contacts who have recently been online, the platform seeks to enhance communication experiences and make it simpler for users to reach out when they’re available.

In addition to this upcoming feature, WhatsApp recently made headlines for its proactive account management efforts. The messaging giant banned over 7.6 million accounts in India in February, with 1.4 million of those accounts being proactively removed. These actions demonstrate WhatsApp’s commitment to user safety and adherence to regulatory guidelines.

As WhatsApp evolves and introduces new features, users can expect enhanced communication tools that prioritize convenience, accessibility, and safety. The introduction of the ‘Recent Online Contacts’ feature underscores WhatsApp’s commitment to simplifying and improving user interactions on its platform.

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