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Tinder introduces Every Vote Matters initiative to inspire and empower new voters in India



Tinder launches Every Single Vote Counts campaign to empower first-time voters in India

Tinder, a popular global platform for meeting new people, has launched a unique awareness campaign called ‘Every Single Vote Counts’ in collaboration with Yuvaa and Mark Your Presence. The initiative aims to inspire first-time daters to become first-time voters, especially with India gearing up for the world’s largest democratic election this year, with over 20 million young first-time voters.

The campaign includes in-app voting-themed stickers like ‘Voting Partner Needed’ and ‘I Voted’, as well as Swipe Cards within the app to guide users through the voting process. A recent survey by Yuvaa revealed that young adults in India prioritize dating someone who votes, showing the significance of political engagement in relationships.

Chaitanya Prabhu, Founder of Mark Your Presence, expressed excitement about the partnership, emphasizing the importance of empowering young voices to participate in elections. Aahana Dhar, Tinder’s Communications Director in India, highlighted the opportunity to encourage younger voters to participate in elections by integrating voting stickers into their profiles.

Maanvi, Editor-in-Chief of Yuvaa, recognized the genuine concern among young adults in India about civic responsibilities and praised the collaboration with Tinder and Mark Your Presence. The campaign not only raises awareness about voting but also provides practical tools for engagement, aiming to foster a culture of civic discourse and action among digitally savvy youth in India.

With this groundbreaking initiative, Tinder and its partners seek to bridge the gap between romance and civic responsibility, empowering a generation of first-time daters to become first-time voters.

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