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Spotify rumored to be developing new ‘Advanced Mixing Tools’ features for playlists



Spotify Tipped to Be Working on ‘Advanced Mixing Tools’ Features for Playlists

Spotify is reportedly developing a new feature that will allow users to remix their playlists with advanced mixing tools. The feature could include different transition styles and the ability to sequence tracks with similar key, tempo, and style together. These tools may be part of Spotify’s rumored Music Pro premium plan, which is said to offer lossless music. Last week, Spotify introduced an AI feature for creating personalized playlists based on text prompts.

According to tipster Chris Messina, who discovered code strings in the latest beta version, users can expect features like DJ-style transitions and automatic reordering of tracks based on key, tempo, and style. The advanced mixing tools may also provide granular control for manipulating tracks with beats, speeding up tracks, and more. These features are rumored to be part of Spotify’s upcoming Music Pro plan, which could offer lossless music up to 24-bit/44.1 kHz FLAC.

Messina also revealed that Spotify has started rolling out the Music Pro add-on via the Connect menu. The feature, described as “Lose yourself in Lossless,” promises music in 16-bit and 24-bit high fidelity sound, with streaming quality varying based on the device used. It remains uncertain if Spotify will charge users for this feature or offer it as an add-on to existing plans. In the past, Spotify’s HiFi service, which promised lossless music, never materialized on the platform.

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