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Soon, Meta AI could be integrated into your Instagram direct messages following WhatsApp. Here’s a glimpse into how the chatbot will operate.



After WhatsApp, Meta AI could soon show up in your Instagram DMs. Here's how the chatbot will work

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is making headlines again as it begins testing its generative AI chatbot, known as ‘Meta AI’, on Instagram. This chatbot has the capability to create poetry, generate images, and respond to various inquiries based on a single text prompt. Meta has been testing this AI chatbot for select users in countries like India, with the recent expansion to Instagram.

According to a statement provided to Engadget, Meta confirmed the ongoing development of their generative AI-powered experiences. The feature was initially identified by a TechCrunch report, stating that Meta was testing its AI chatbot in the main search bar. However, other reports suggest that the chatbot appeared in the Instagram DM search bar. Users have reported that by clicking on the Meta AI icon, they can engage in conversations with the chatbot directly from their DMs, similar to chatting with a friend.

Notably, users have shared on social media that the Meta AI chatbot can assist them in navigating reels on specific topics, potentially eliminating the need to rely solely on Instagram search. Meta AI was unveiled in September last year during the Meta Connect 2023 event, with Meta demonstrating its commitment to integrating generative AI experiences across its social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Crafted using a specialized model based on Llama 2, a generative text model, and Meta’s Large Language Model (LLM) research, Meta AI aims to facilitate smooth conversational interactions. Additionally, Meta has partnered with Microsoft’s Bing to incorporate real-time information retrieval into text-based conversations. The AI assistant is designed to offer suggestions, entertainment, conflict resolution, and knowledge sharing in various scenarios. Stay tuned for further updates on how Meta’s AI chatbot continues to evolve on Instagram.

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