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Sony PS5 Pro: New leaks reveal what to expect before launch



Sony PS5 Pro new leaks surface online ahead of launch: What all to expect

The gaming world is abuzz with anticipation as Sony gears up for the release of its highly-anticipated PlayStation 5 Pro, set to hit store shelves during the holiday season of 2024. Recent reports have verified leaked specifications for this forthcoming console iteration, intensifying the existing speculation surrounding its impending launch.

Anonymous sources, privy to insider information but unauthorized to discuss company plans, have corroborated leaked documents initially unveiled by the YouTube channel Moore’s Law is Dead. These documents, sourced from a PlayStation developer portal, have been circulating among a wider circle of third-party developers, as reported by Insider Gaming.

Previously referred to as ‘Trinity’ by Key to Gaming, the PS5 Pro aims to revolutionize gaming experiences with enhanced performance and stunning visuals. Promising consistent frame rates at 4K resolution and introducing a ‘performance mode’ tailored for 8K resolution, along with cutting-edge ray tracing features, the specifications hint at 30 WGP and 18000mts memory.

The recent leak has shed further light on the PS5 Pro’s capabilities. With graphics rendering expected to be 45% faster than the standard PS5 and ray-tracing capabilities showing a 2-3 times improvement, the console is poised to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences. Boasting 33.5 Teraflops of computing power and incorporating PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution for enhanced upscaling and anti-aliasing, the PS5 Pro is set to set new benchmarks in gaming graphics.

Additionally, the PS5 Pro could incorporate a bespoke machine learning framework and an AI Accelerator capable of managing 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation and 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point operations. Insider Gaming reveals that Devkits have been accessible to first-party studios since September 2023 and to third-party developers since January 2024, with Testkits expected to be available from Spring 2024 onwards.

While the release of the PS5 Pro is scheduled for the holiday season of 2024, industry watchers speculate that this timeline could be subject to change. Factors such as the limited number of first-party games scheduled for release on the PlayStation 5 this year might influence the final launch date. Nonetheless, anticipation continues to build as gamers worldwide eagerly await the arrival of Sony’s next-generation gaming console.

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