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Snapchat to Introduce Watermark Feature for Images Produced with Snap’s AI Tools



Snapchat to Display Watermark on Images Created Using Snap

Snapchat has announced its decision to add a watermark to AI-generated images created using its tools to increase transparency. The platform allows premium users to create AI images through its chatbot ‘My AI’ and Dreams feature. The watermark will visually indicate that the image was created synthetically and will be displayed within the app as well as when exported to the user’s camera roll.

In a post on its website, parent company Snap highlighted various AI-powered features added since 2015, such as AR Lenses and Generative AI Chat Wallpaper, emphasizing transparency with AI-powered content. The watermark, featuring Snapchat’s ghost logo and sparkle icon, will soon be added to all AI-generated images, including those created through My AI and Dreams.

Snapchat warns users against removing the watermark, stating that it violates the platform’s terms and conditions. The company ensures thorough internal review and AI red teaming to identify and rectify any potential flaws in the AI model. Currently, only Snapchat+ users can access My AI, with all users allowed to create up to eight Dream images.

Notably, OpenAI’s DALL-E 3 images adhere to the C2PA protocol for content provenance, and Google uses its SynthID watermarking technology for multimedia content. Snapchat’s move towards increased transparency with AI-generated images aligns with industry efforts to provide users with information about the origin of digital content.

This step reflects Snapchat’s commitment to maintaining user trust and ensuring transparency in its AI-powered features, aligning with the evolving standards for digital content authenticity.

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