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Report says Apple is the first $1 trillion global brand, while Nvidia’s value triples



Apple becomes the first $1 trillion global brand, Nvidia's value triples, report says

Apple has achieved a remarkable milestone by becoming the first brand to surpass $1 trillion in brand value, according to a recent global ranking by Kantar’s BrandZ. The tech giant saw a 15% increase in brand value from last year, solidifying its position as the world’s most valuable brand for the third consecutive year in 2024. Alphabet’s Google and Microsoft followed closely behind at $753 billion and $713 billion respectively.

The surge in Apple’s brand value comes on the heels of the company unveiling new AI features, which are expected to reignite demand for iPhones and counter a sales decline resulting from fluctuating consumer spending and competition from other tech companies. Analysts attribute Apple’s success to its ability to consistently deliver products, services, and messaging that resonate with consumers, building a strong and loyal fan base for the brand.

Meanwhile, chipmaker Nvidia has seen a significant boost in its brand value, nearly tripling from the previous year. With a market capitalization of $2.97 trillion, Nvidia has emerged as a formidable player in the AI chip market. The company’s brand value has surpassed $200 billion, securing its position as the sixth most valuable brand in the world, according to Kantar’s ranking.

In addition to Nvidia, Oracle also made its debut in the top 10 most valuable brands list, ranking ninth with a 58% increase in brand value to $145 billion. Kantar’s research, which encompassed over 4.3 million consumer interviews in 532 categories and 54 markets, highlights the evolving landscape of global brands and their growing significance in the tech industry.

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