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Regulators compel big tech to reconsider their AI strategy



Regulators are forcing big tech to rethink its AI strategy

Trustbusters are targeting big tech as the European Commission opens a probe into Apple, Alphabet, and Meta. This move comes as regulators believe these American technology giants are not complying with the Digital Markets Act, meant to ensure fair competition in the EU’s tech industry.

In a separate case, the Department of Justice and attorneys-general from 16 states have sued Apple, alleging that the company uses its monopoly position in smartphones to stifle innovation and discourage users from buying rival devices. Apple denies any wrongdoing.

These cases highlight the intense scrutiny the tech giants are facing as they try to position themselves to profit from the next wave of technological disruption, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). As trustbusters scrutinize past acquisitions and business practices, the tech giants are adjusting their tactics by investing in promising startups rather than pursuing large-scale takeovers.

Companies like Alphabet, Amazon, and Microsoft are investing in smaller AI companies, giving them access to cutting-edge technology and exclusive partnerships. Furthermore, tech giants are poaching top AI entrepreneurs and technologists, indicating a shift in their approach to staying ahead in the AI market.

Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic are monitoring these developments closely, with potential antitrust actions looming. The giants may be banking on cornering the AI market before any legal challenges are fully pursued and resolved. This ongoing battle between regulators and tech giants underscores the changing landscape of the technology industry as companies navigate new rules and practices in the AI era.

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