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Next launch of Macs will be powered by Apple M4 chip with advanced AI features – Full details released



Apple M4 chip-powered Macs with AI features to launch next- All details

Apple is set to revolutionize its Mac lineup with the introduction of the highly anticipated M4 family of chips, highlighting the company’s dedication to innovation in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

Reports suggest that Apple is ramping up production for its first M4 chips, which are expected to power a range of Mac devices. The tech giant plans to equip every Mac model with the new processors, with a targeted late-year launch extending into early next year, according to 9to5mac.

The transition to M4 chips will bring about a wave of updated Mac products, including a new iMac, 14-inch MacBook Pro, and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, as well as a refreshed Mac mini. Apple’s rollout strategy involves a phased introduction, with more M4 Macs planned for release throughout 2025.

The M4 family of chips is designed to enhance AI processing capabilities, aligning with the next macOS iteration to optimize AI functionality across various tasks. The lineup includes an entry-level variant, Donan, for devices like the MacBook Air, while higher-end models, featuring the Brava chip, are intended for the Mac Studio and premium MacBook Pro configurations.

Furthermore, the Mac Pro will receive a significant upgrade with the Hidra chip, addressing customer concerns about chip specifications and potentially supporting up to half a terabyte of RAM. While an M3-powered Mac Studio or Mac Pro has not been unveiled yet, speculation abounds about the possibility of its future introduction.

Apple’s move to introduce the M4 chip marks a major milestone in its pursuit of cutting-edge technology, promising transformative advancements in Mac performance and AI integration.

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