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Meet Lucia, Jason, and other characters in the highly anticipated sequel of GTA 6



GTA 6 characters revealed: Meet Lucia, Jason, and others in the highly anticipated sequel

The highly anticipated first trailer of GTA 6 has been released, revealing key characters Lucia and Jason, stirring excitement among fans. Lucia has been confirmed as the female protagonist, while Jason is believed to be the male lead, as shown in leaked footage from 2022. Other characters like Dale, Chester, and Danny have also been mentioned, but their roles remain uncertain.

Speculation abounds about the storyline, with reports suggesting Lucia and Jason will grapple with personal issues in a criminal underworld setting. However, fans are cautioned to take leaked information with a grain of salt, as details may evolve before the game’s expected release in 2025.

Previous leaks, such as the Project Americas Leak, have been proven inaccurate, emphasizing the need for caution when considering character details. As more information is unveiled, fans are eagerly awaiting updates on GTA 6’s cast and storyline, with the promise of an immersive gaming experience on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated title.

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