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Is GPT-5 on the horizon? Exploring potential features



Mint Primer: Is GPT-5 on the cards? What might it look like?

Open AI CEO, Sam Altman, has announced that the company will be releasing a new model this year, sparking speculation that GPT-5 may be on the horizon. Following Altman’s comments that GPT-4 “kind of sucks,” the anticipation for this new model has been immense. The release of GPT-5 is rumored to occur sometime between June and August this year, leading many to wonder what advancements this new model will bring.

The excitement surrounding the potential release of GPT-5 was triggered by an inadvertently published blog post by OpenAI, which hinted at the release of GPT-4.5 Turbo with a “knowledge cutoff” in June 2024. This has led many to believe that a new model, potentially GPT-5, will be unveiled this summer. Altman’s refusal to confirm the name of the new model has only added to the speculation.

While GPT-4 brought new capabilities such as accepting text and image inputs and generating text outputs, it still had its shortcomings. From hallucinations to causing plagiarism and copyright issues, GPT-4 faced criticism. The “amazing” new model, whether it be GPT-5 or another designation, is expected to build on these features and enhance multimodal capabilities, as well as predict the next token in a sequence for tasks like sentence completion and code generation.

Competition in the AI field remains fierce, with Google, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and Anthropic all investing heavily in research and development. As OpenAI prepares to unveil their new model, the landscape of AI advancements continues to evolve rapidly, with each new release aiming to push the boundaries of what is possible in artificial intelligence.

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