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iPhone 16 Pro to receive major AI overhaul with Ferret-UI: What you need to know



iPhone 16 Pro to get big AI upgrade with Ferret-UI: Know what it is

Apple’s iPhone is taking a step further into the world of artificial intelligence with its latest innovation, Ferret-UI technology. In collaboration with Cornell University, Apple has introduced Ferret-UI, a groundbreaking advancement that utilizes a multimodal large language model to enhance the user interface experience on iPhones. This system aims to revolutionize how users interact with their devices by comprehensively interpreting mobile user interfaces.

Ferret-UI, an evolution of the previously introduced Ferret system, offers a range of capabilities such as icon recognition, text detection, widget parsing, and screen description. This advancement not only enables seamless navigation across various applications but also opens up possibilities for enhanced accessibility features. Additionally, Ferret-UI serves as a versatile testing tool for developers to simulate diverse user scenarios and optimize app performance across different demographics.

In a recent development, backend code discoveries have uncovered server-side tools like “Safari Browsing Assistant” and “Encrypted Visual Search,” aligning with the principles of Ferret-UI research. While these features signal Apple’s commitment to AI-driven technologies, they are still subject to potential modifications or future implementations.

Despite facing criticism for lagging behind Google in AI-driven smartphones, Apple is set to unveil its AI roadmap at the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference in June. This lays the foundation for the highly anticipated release of the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Pro in September. As the tech industry eagerly anticipates Apple’s next move, the company’s academic revelations in the realm of AI showcase its dedication to innovation and staying ahead of the curve.

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