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iOS 17.5 beta 2 introduces Web Distribution for EU developers: A game-changer for app distribution



New iPhone update, iOS 17.5 beta 2, brings Web Distribution to EU developers- What it means

Apple has introduced iOS 17.5 beta 2, featuring a new Web Distribution sideloading feature for developers in the European Union. This move comes after Apple’s recent announcement of the feature, aimed at providing developers with an additional distribution option under the Digital Markets Act.

Web Distribution enables developers in the EU to offer their apps for direct download from their own websites, adding to the existing options of the App Store and other platforms. To utilize this feature, developers must agree to Apple’s new App Store business terms, which include a Core Technology Fee and compliance with notarization guidelines.

In a statement on its Developer website, Apple emphasized its commitment to user safety and platform integrity. The company will provide developers with APIs, integration with system functionality, and backup options for users to ensure a secure experience.

When users download an app from a developer’s website for the first time, they will go through a series of screens explaining the permissions needed for installation. Users will then go through a three-step installation process with clear information provided by Apple’s Notarization system.

One key feature of Web Distribution is that users only need to grant permission for app installations once per developer. This means that subsequent app installations from the same developer will not require additional permissions, simplifying the process for users.

Overall, Apple’s introduction of Web Distribution in iOS 17.5 beta 2 marks a significant update for developers in the European Union, offering a new avenue for app distribution and emphasizing user safety and convenience.

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