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Investors remain optimistic about Indian social startups and are interested in GenAI models



Investors keep the faith in Indian social startups, eye GenAI models

In the realm of social startups, AI-driven products are taking center stage as five new startups have collectively secured $27.8 million in funding this year. These startups include Plutus, Hunch, Explurger, OpiGo, and Medial, with a focus on utilizing AI to enhance user experience.

OpiGo, a stock-focused social platform, aims to provide personalized financial guidance to users through AI. Investors like 100X.VC and WEH Ventures are now shifting their focus to AI-driven social products. Vatsal Kanakiya from 100X.VC mentioned the importance of AI-driven feeds in today’s social media landscape, moving away from traditional social graphs.

WEH Ventures has also shown interest in GenAI-driven interactions, as seen in their investment in GenZ-focused social app Slick. The trend is shifting towards new forms of user interaction and creative expression driven by AI technology.

AI is becoming a crucial element in evaluating startups within the social space, according to Pearl Agarwal of Eximius Ventures. The ability of AI to create high-quality content and enhance content distribution is revolutionizing the social startup scene.

Despite the rise and fall of various social media platforms in recent years, investor interest in social startups remains strong. The potential for success in the social network space, particularly in India, is driving continued investment in AI-driven social products. VCs see the opportunity for a breakthrough in the creation of a successful India-specific social media network.

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