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Introducing the fresh new look and exciting new features of Google Chrome



Google Chrome gets a new look: Here are new features

**Google Chrome Redesigns Interface for Bookmarks, Reading List, and History**

Google has introduced a new interface for its Chrome browser, eliminating the side panel button that once allowed easy access to Bookmarks, Reading List, and History columns. Users will now navigate through a revamped interface accessed primarily through the Chrome menu.

Previously, the side panel button led users to the Bookmarks section, with dropdown options for other features. With the new update, users can still access side panels like Reading List, Bookmarks, History, Reading Mode, and Search, with the ability to ‘pin’ preferred panels for quick access.

The transition from the button to the menu interface began in 2022, with the rollout now reaching Chrome 123 (stable) on Mac, Windows, and ChromeOS. The change is also influenced by a specific flag: chrome://flags/#side-panel-pinning. Additionally, Google is working on a feature to deactivate all extensions simultaneously for a streamlined user experience.

According to Gamer Stones, Google is also tweaking the Extension menu in its browser, enabling users to disable all active extensions with a single click. Individual toggles for each active extension offer more precise control, replacing the previous pin icon for toolbar shortcuts. The changes aim to enhance user accessibility and convenience within the Chrome browser interface.

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