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Google’s upcoming release: Pixel 9 Pro Fold in place of Pixel Fold 2 – Here’s what to expect



Google may launch Pixel 9 Pro Fold instead of Pixel Fold 2: Know what’s coming

Google is gearing up to launch multiple smartphones this year, including the Pixel 8a, Pixel 9 series, and potentially a new Pixel Fold device. Recent rumors suggest that the Pixel Fold 2 may be renamed as the Pixel 9 Pro Fold, with the Pixel 9 series expected to feature four models. It remains unclear whether the Pixel 9 Pro Fold is an entirely new product or the successor to the Pixel Fold.

According to a report by Android Authority, a Google Insider leaked information about the upcoming Pixel 9 series naming scheme. The series is said to include four models: Pixel 9 (code name “Tokay”), Pixel 9 Pro (code name “Caiman”), Pixel 9 Pro XL (code name “Komodo”), and Pixel 9 Pro Fold (code name “Comet”). While these names have been confirmed in software built for Google’s 2024 devices, the final name for the Pixel Fold successor is still under consideration.

The expected timeline for the launch of the Pixel 9 Pro Fold aligns with the Pixel 9 series launch in October, if the device is indeed a part of the lineup. All four smartphones in the series are anticipated to be powered by Google’s in-house Tensor G4 chipset. However, Google has not officially confirmed any of these details, leaving room for potential changes before the official launch.

As consumers eagerly await more information about Google’s upcoming flagship devices, it will be essential to follow official announcements to understand the final product offerings. Stay tuned for further updates on the Pixel 9 series and the potential Pixel 9 Pro Fold launch.

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