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Google to introduce a brand new ‘anti-virus’ system for apps in Android 15 beta launch



Google to launch a new ‘anti-virus’ system for apps, reveals Android 15 beta release

The upcoming release of Android 15 on Pixel smartphones later this year has generated excitement among users eager to explore the new features and improvements. One particular feature unveiled in the latest beta of Android 15 has caught the attention of tech enthusiasts and security experts alike – a tool designed to identify and contain malicious apps on Android devices.

Reported by Android Authority, this new feature allows system apps like Google Play Services or the Play Store to isolate and impose restrictions on apps that are flagged as potential threats, similar to antivirus programs on Windows. The functionality involves quarantining suspicious apps, limiting their capabilities to prevent any harm to the device or user data.

The proposed “QUARANTINE_APPS” permission, if implemented, would only be granted to apps signed by Google’s certificate, ensuring that only trusted entities like the Play Store or Google Play Services have the authority to quarantine apps. Despite being restricted, quarantined apps would still be visible in the app drawer but grayed out, with options for restoration available to users.

The fate of this feature in Android 15 remains uncertain, despite its presence in a developer build of Android 14 in 2022. If integrated, this tool could be instrumental in enhancing user security and preventing potential threats identified by Google’s Play Protect malware scanner. As Android 15 nears its official release, the inclusion of such a feature highlights Google’s dedication to fortifying the Android ecosystem and ensuring a safe and secure user experience.

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