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Google Maps Enhances Search Feature for Electric Vehicle Chargers, Includes Sustainable Travel Options to Aid Users



Google Maps Makes It Easier to Find EV Chargers, Search Now Shows Sustainable Travel Options

Google has unveiled new features for Maps and Search on Earth Day, aimed at promoting electric vehicle (EV) use and sustainable travel options. The latest update includes AI-generated navigation information for EV chargers, sustainable travel options, and more. The update will be available in fifteen cities worldwide.

Through a blog post, Google announced that Maps will soon show AI-powered summaries of EV charger locations based on user reviews, including details on waiting times and plug types. Additionally, Maps will suggest EV charging stations near users based on their battery’s charge level and display real-time availability and charging speed information. The update will be rolled out globally in the coming months, starting with Google-built vehicles.

Furthermore, Google Maps will now offer public transit and walking routes alongside driving directions in select cities around the world. The company is also adding more up-to-date information on train and bus schedules on Maps, including ticket prices and booking links. Google Flights will soon include train route suggestions in flight search results as well.

This initiative by Google is part of the company’s efforts to promote sustainable travel options and encourage the use of electric vehicles. The new features aim to make it easier for users to find EV chargers, plan road trips, and choose environmentally friendly travel options.

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