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Google Maps and Search make it simple to locate EV charging stations on Earth Day 2024



Earth Day 2024: Google Maps and Search bring easy ways to find EV charging stations

With Earth Day right around the corner, Google has introduced a new Maps feature aimed at helping electric vehicle (EV) owners easily locate charging stations. This feature, available on Google Maps and Search, will provide users with valuable information about EV charging stations, including location, user reviews, waiting times, plug types, and more. In addition, Google will be implementing a series of app updates to enhance the overall user experience.

The rise in popularity of electric vehicles has made finding charging stations a vital concern for owners, particularly when planning long road trips. To address this issue, Google Maps will now offer AI-powered summaries that give users detailed information about nearby charging stations. This includes real-time updates on port availability, charging speed, and even recommendations for charging stops during road trips.

Moreover, Google will now provide EV owners with detailed information about nearby charging stations based on the remaining battery level of their vehicle. This feature will be displayed on the in-car map, ensuring that users are always aware of nearby charging options. These updates will be available to users worldwide, making long road trips hassle-free for EV owners.

Additionally, Google Maps will introduce a new “EV filter” feature on, allowing users to easily find hotels that offer onsite EV charging. This will further enhance the convenience for EV owners, making it simpler to locate accommodations with charging facilities after a day of driving.

In recent months, Google has been focusing on enhancing its apps, particularly Google Maps, with new and innovative features. From Glanceable directions to AI-powered Immersive View, the platform continues to evolve to meet the needs of its users.

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