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Garena Free Fire MAX April 19 Redeem Codes: Unlock SCAR Ring event for exclusive weapon skins!



Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for April 19: SCAR Ring event bring menacing weapon skins!

In the latest OB44 update, Garena Free Fire MAX has rolled out exciting new features and gameplay tweaks for players to enjoy. The update includes the New Villain Conquest and Mechadrake Trial missions, as well as the reinstated Zombie Hunt mode, aimed at bringing more excitement and fun to the game. The SCAR Ring event is also ongoing, offering players the chance to win menacing weapon skins.

The SCAR Ring event in Garena Free Fire MAX is a luck royale type of event, where players can spend diamonds or gold to earn rewards without completing specific objectives. To maximize their chances of winning, players are advised to make as many spins as possible by spending diamonds. Rewards include the SCAR Glistening Daystar, SCAR The Beast, SCAR Paradise weapon skins, as well as Universal Ring Tokens, Weapon Loot Crate, and Armor Crate.

Additionally, Garena Free Fire MAX has released redeem codes for April 19, offering players the opportunity to claim freebies. To redeem the codes, players must ensure they are logged into their Free Fire Account, visit the official Free Fire Redemption website, login through various options such as Google or Facebook, enter the 12-digit code, and click ‘OK’. Rewards will be received in-game via mail within 24 hours.

Players can check out the following redeem codes for April 19: C8F3W6R9K7V2PDBJ, B5W8F4R7K9V3PBDJ, N3R6F9W7K2V8PCBJ, D9F2K7R4W8VX6PBJ, X4R9K3F7W6V8PZBJ, G8W3R6K9F4VZ7PBJ, P2K7F9W4R8V3P0BJ, W6F3R9K7W2V80PBJ, H5R8K9F3W7V20PBJ, Q3F6W8K4R9V07PBJ.

Stay tuned for more updates and future redeem codes from Garena Free Fire MAX.

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