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CTO Mira Murati announces OpenAI’s Sora AI tool will be available to the public this year



OpenAI's Sora AI tool will be released to the public this year, reveals CTO Mira Murati

OpenAI’s Sora, a revolutionary text-to-video generation tool, has been garnering attention in the tech community since CEO Sam Altman’s announcement last month. The tool has impressed users with its ability to create videos from text prompts in just 60 seconds.

Despite the excitement surrounding Sora, it has not been released to the general public yet. OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, hinted at an upcoming change in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. Murati emphasized Sora’s capability to quickly generate intuitive videos from simple text inputs, catering to professionals like visual artists, designers, and filmmakers. She also confirmed that the tool will be available to the public within the year.

In addition to its current features, OpenAI plans to enhance Sora by incorporating audio into the generated videos, aiming to provide a more realistic user experience. Murati envisions Sora as a versatile tool for editing and content creation, expanding its capabilities beyond basic video generation.

Regarding data utilization, Murati clarified that Sora’s training data primarily comes from publicly available or licensed content, including images sourced from platforms like Shutterstock. OpenAI is committed to privacy and ethical usage, ensuring that the tool will not generate videos featuring public figures and will watermark all outputs as a precautionary measure.

Overall, the anticipation for Sora’s public release continues to grow as users eagerly await the opportunity to access this groundbreaking text-to-video generation tool.

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