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Attention iPhone gamers: An Exciting Surprise – Game Boy Emulator Now Available on iOS App Store



iPhone gamers, here’s a cool surprise: Game Boy emulator is now available on iOS App Store

In a surprising development, a Game Boy emulator called iGBA has found its way onto Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad users. This marks a significant shift in Apple’s stance on emulators, which were previously banned.

The appearance of iGBA was first noticed by Parker Ortolani, though it’s unclear whether Apple or the developer decided to remove the app after its initial release. This occurred after Apple updated its App Store guidelines, seemingly permitting game emulators on its platform for the first time.

iGBA is a free emulator that allows users to load and play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance ROMs directly on their iOS devices, a feature that would have been prohibited by Apple just weeks ago. The app closely resembles the open-source GBA4iOS project but includes embedded ads, a deviation from the original version.

Despite its questionable origins, iGBA offers a range of features such as the ability to download ROMs from the web and play them within the app. It also supports save states, customizable virtual controllers, haptic feedback settings, and AirPlay for external display projection.

Apple’s new App Store rules were somewhat ambiguous about allowing sideloaded ROM installations, requiring licensed emulated programs within the host application. If iGBA’s approval was intentional, it suggests a broader acceptance of ROM loading functionality on Apple’s part.

With Apple’s updated policies now permitting game emulators on the App Store, users can expect a surge of similar apps to surface, giving them more options to enjoy classic games on their modern devices.

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