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Apple’s NFC-Based Tap-and-Go Technology on track to Receive EU Approval by May



Apple Offer to Open Up NFC-Based Tap-and-Go Technology Said to Be on Track for EU Approval by May

EU antitrust regulators are set to approve Apple’s offer to open its mobile payments system to rivals, potentially as soon as next month. This move comes after Apple tweaked some of the terms in response to feedback. Apple’s tap-and-go technology, near-field communication (NFC), allows for contactless payments with mobile wallets.

The European Commission had accused Apple two years ago of hindering competition for its Apple Pay mobile wallet by restricting access to its tap-and-go technology. To settle the four-year investigation, Apple offered to let rivals access its NFC on its devices free of charge, without having to use Apple Pay or Apple Wallet. The offer includes additional functionalities and a dispute settlement mechanism.

The Commission aims to accept Apple’s offer by the summer, with May being the likeliest month. The company recently faced a 1.84 billion-euro fine for antitrust violations related to its App Store. The final technical details of the NFC proposal are still being worked out by Apple.

If approved, Apple’s move to open its mobile payments system to rivals could avoid a finding of wrongdoing and a potentially hefty fine, which could have been as much as 10% of its global annual turnover.

In conclusion, Apple’s proposed changes to its mobile payments system could have significant implications for competition in the digital payments sector, and EU regulators are closely monitoring the situation for a potential approval in the coming months.

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