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Tom Brady posed a significant challenge for Dwight Freeney to sack in the NFL



Dwight Freeney says Tom Brady was one of the toughest NFL QBs for him to sack

Former NFL defensive end Dwight Freeney recently revealed on Keyshawn Johnson’s podcast, “All Facts No Brakes,” that one of the toughest quarterbacks he ever had to sack was Tom Brady. Freeney discussed the challenges of trying to get to Brady due to the quick release of the ball, making it frustrating for pass-rushers.

Freeney, who spent most of his career with the Indianapolis Colts, often faced off against Brady during the heated rivalry between the Patriots and Colts. He also mentioned the difficulty of sacking the late Steve McNair, highlighting McNair’s strength and elusiveness as a quarterback.

Interestingly, Freeney’s history with Brady dates back to their college days, with Freeney recalling their early matchup when he was at Syracuse and Brady was at Michigan. Despite facing tough quarterbacks like Brady and McNair, Freeney admitted there were still two quarterbacks he wished he had the opportunity to sack – Brett Favre and his former teammate Peyton Manning.

While Freeney never got the chance to sack Manning during their time together in Indianapolis, his teammate Robert Mathis did after Manning joined the Denver Broncos. Freeney fondly remembers the moment when Mathis sent a picture of the sack to both him and Manning, jokingly celebrating the achievement.

Overall, Freeney’s insights into the quarterbacks he faced during his career shed light on the challenges of trying to sack some of the best in the game, including Brady, McNair, Favre, and Manning. His reflections provide a unique perspective on the battles between defensive players and elite quarterbacks in the NFL.

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