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Skip remembers being confronted by two Oklahoma City women in an elevator for criticizing Westbrook



Skip recalls being accosted by two OKC women in an elevator for hating on Westbrook:

In a recent incident, sports commentator Skip Bayless shared a story of being confronted by two Oklahoma City women in his hotel elevator for criticizing Russell Westbrook. The incident occurred when Westbrook was playing for the Thunder at the time.

The incident was recounted by Bayless on his show, shedding light on the passionate reactions that sports commentary can provoke. The women reportedly expressed their displeasure with Bayless for his negative comments about Westbrook, who was a beloved figure in Oklahoma City at the time.

The altercation took place in a hotel elevator, highlighting the intensity of emotions that can arise in sports fandom. Bayless’ experience serves as a reminder of the strong connections that fans feel towards their favorite players and teams, often leading to heated interactions with media personalities.

As a well-known sports commentator, Bayless is no stranger to controversy and passionate reactions from fans. However, this incident stands out for the direct confrontation he faced from disgruntled fans in a private setting.

The story serves as a cautionary tale for sports commentators and media personalities, showcasing the potential repercussions of their words on devoted fans. It also underscores the impact of sports on communities and the deep emotional investment that fans have in their teams and players.

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