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Paul Heyman issues a stern warning to Solo Sikoa: ‘You don’t make the decisions.’ | WWE on FOX



Paul Heyman warns Solo Sikoa, ‘These decisions aren’t yours to make.’

WWE Hall of Famer Paul Heyman recently issued a warning to Solo Sikoa, a member of The Bloodline, for making decisions typically reserved for Roman Reigns. Heyman expressed his understanding of Sikoa’s actions in kicking Jimmy Uso out of the group but cautioned him about overstepping his boundaries.

The incident occurred during a recent episode of WWE SmackDown, where tensions within The Bloodline came to a head. After Jimmy Uso failed to secure a victory in a tag team match, Sikoa took it upon himself to remove him from the group, a decision typically made by Reigns.

Paul Heyman, who has been a longtime advisor to Reigns, took note of Sikoa’s actions and felt compelled to offer him some guidance. Heyman emphasized the importance of staying in one’s lane within The Bloodline hierarchy and not making decisions that could disrupt the group’s dynamic.

Heyman’s warning serves as a reminder to Sikoa that while he may have good intentions, he must be mindful of the established power structure within The Bloodline. As a Hall of Famer and experienced mentor in the world of professional wrestling, Heyman’s advice carries weight and significance.

As tensions continue to simmer within The Bloodline, fans are left wondering how Sikoa’s actions will impact the group’s future and whether he will heed Heyman’s warning. Only time will tell if the enforcer can find his place within the legendary faction without overstepping his bounds.

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