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Ian Happ hits a grand slam, propelling the Cubs to an 11-8 lead against the Diamondbacks.



Ian Happ crushes a GRAND SLAM to give the Cubs an 11-8 lead over the Diamondbacks

In a thrilling game, Ian Happ of the Chicago Cubs hit a grand slam to help secure a comeback victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks with an 11-8 lead. The grand slam came during a six-run inning, propelling the Cubs to a hard-fought win.

The game took place on Tuesday night at Wrigley Field in Chicago, with both teams battling it out in a high-scoring affair. The Diamondbacks had initially taken the lead, but the Cubs fought back with a strong offensive showing in the later innings.

Happ’s grand slam was a highlight of the game, with the outfielder delivering when it mattered most. The decisive hit energized the Cubs and their fans, ultimately leading them to victory.

The win was a significant one for the Cubs as they continue to push for a spot in the postseason. With their offense firing on all cylinders, the team is showing resilience and determination as they look to secure a playoff berth.

Overall, the thrilling game between the Cubs and Diamondbacks showcased the excitement and drama that can unfold on the baseball field. With standout performances like Happ’s grand slam, it was a night to remember for Cubs fans and baseball enthusiasts alike.

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