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Devin Brown and Brennen Schramm combine for a 16-yard touchdown pass



Devin Brown connects with Brennen Schramm on a 16-yard touchdown pass

In the Ohio State Buckeyes spring game, quarterback Devin Brown made an impressive connection with wide receiver Brennen Schramm for a 16-yard touchdown. The play showcased Brown’s potential as a quarterback and gave fans a glimpse of what they can expect in the upcoming season.

The game took place on Saturday at Ohio Stadium in front of cheering fans eager to see the team in action. Brown, a highly touted recruit, showed poise and accuracy as he led the offense down the field, culminating in the touchdown pass to Schramm.

Brown’s performance in the spring game has sparked excitement among Buckeyes fans, who are hopeful that he can fill the void left by former star quarterback Justin Fields. With his strong arm and ability to make quick decisions under pressure, Brown has the potential to lead the Buckeyes to success in the upcoming season.

Despite facing stiff competition from other quarterbacks on the roster, Brown’s performance in the spring game has solidified his position as a top contender for the starting job. With his impressive display of skill and talent, the coaching staff is undoubtedly pleased with his progress and development.

Overall, the connection between Devin Brown and Brennen Schramm in the spring game highlights the potential of the Buckeyes’ offense for the upcoming season. As the team continues to prepare for the season ahead, fans eagerly anticipate seeing Brown lead the team to victory.

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