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Chad Gable betrays Sami Zayn by turning on him after Intercontinental Title Match, leaving him heartbroken



Chad Gable rips Sami Zayn from his wife, turns on him after Intercontinental Title Match

In a shocking turn of events, Chad Gable betrayed his friend, Sami Zayn, after Zayn generously offered him a shot at the Intercontinental Title on Monday Night Raw. The WWE Universe was left stunned by Gable’s unexpected betrayal.

The incident took place just one hour ago, during the WWE event, when Gable turned on Zayn after the Intercontinental Title Match. Gable’s actions have sparked outrage among fans and left many questioning the motives behind his sudden betrayal.

Chad Gable’s decision to rip Sami Zayn from his wife and turn on him after the Intercontinental Title Match has left the wrestling world in shock. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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