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Caitlin Clark’s Fever jersey sells out within one hour of being drafted in most sizes



Caitlin Clark's Fever jersey sells out most sizes one hour after being drafted

Caitlin Clark fever has hit the WNBA as the Indiana Fever selected her with the No. 1 pick in the recent draft. Shortly after the announcement, most sizes of Clark’s jersey were sold out on Fanatics within an hour. Clark’s impact in the WNBA was not surprising, given her record-breaking performance in college basketball.

During her time at Iowa, Clark attracted a lot of attention to women’s college basketball. Games were consistently sold out, and her final regular-season game became the most-watched women’s college basketball game since 1999. Her presence also led to record-setting television ratings for women’s college basketball.

As the WNBA prepared for the draft, it anticipated the extra attention Clark would bring to the league. The Fever’s upcoming games have already seen a spike in interest, with ticket prices soaring. The Las Vegas Aces even decided to move their game against the Fever to a larger arena to accommodate the expected audience.

Tickets for Clark’s first preseason and regular-season games with the Fever are already in high demand, with prices significantly higher than in previous seasons. Fans are eager to see how Clark will perform in the WNBA and if she can continue to make waves in the league. Stay tuned as the season unfolds to witness the impact of Caitlin Clark on the WNBA.

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