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Alex Orji scores a 17-yard touchdown during the Michigan Wolverines spring game



Alex Orji rushes for a 17-yard touchdown in the Michigan Wolverines spring game

In the highly-anticipated Michigan Wolverine spring game, Alex Orji made a standout play by rushing for a 17-yard touchdown. The game, which took place at the University of Michigan’s Big House stadium, showcased the team’s talent and gave fans a preview of what to expect in the upcoming season.

Orji’s impressive touchdown came in the second quarter of the game, as he used his speed and agility to break through the defense and reach the end zone. The crowd erupted in cheers as Orji celebrated with his teammates, showing off his skills as a running back for the Wolverines.

The spring game served as a platform for players to showcase their abilities and earn valuable playing time for the upcoming season. Head coach Jim Harbaugh was pleased with the performance of Orji and the rest of the team, noting the hard work and dedication they have shown throughout spring practices.

Overall, the Michigan Wolverine spring game was a success, with Orji’s touchdown being a highlight of the day. Fans left the stadium excited for the upcoming season, eager to see Orji and the rest of the team in action. The Wolverines have high hopes for the season ahead, and Orji’s performance in the spring game has only added to the anticipation for what is to come.

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