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Weekly Panchang: Mars Transits into Pisces, Celebrate Hanuman Janmotsava, and Discover Auspicious Muhuratas | Astrology Forecast for April 19-25, 2024



Weekly Panchang from April 19-25, 2024:Mars’ Transit in Pisces, Hanuman Janmotsava, Auspicious Muhuratas | Astrology

This week marks a significant shift in planetary movements as Mars enters Pisces and Venus enters Aries. Along with these transits, we also celebrate Hanuman Janmotsava and Chaitra Purnima, adding spiritual significance to the week. Let’s delve into the details of this week’s Panchang for New Delhi, NCT, India.

In Vedic Astrology, auspicious muhurtas play a vital role in determining the success of tasks. This week, auspicious muhurat for activities like marriage, property purchase, and vehicle purchase are available on specific days and times. Following the Shubh Muhurat can enhance the outcome of tasks according to one’s destiny.

Upcoming planetary transits this week include significant movements of Mercury, Mars, and Venus, bringing changes and advancements in life. Understanding these transits helps in anticipating events and their impact on our lives, providing insights into upcoming changes.

This week, several festivals like Kamada Ekadashi, Vamana Dwadashi, Mahavir Swami Jayanti, Hanuman Janmotsava, and Chaitra Purnima are observed with fervor and devotion. These festivals hold cultural and spiritual significance, offering opportunities for prayers, rituals, and seeking blessings for prosperity and happiness.

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu Kalam timings for this week are crucial to consider before starting any new work. Rahu is considered inauspicious, and avoiding Rahu Kalam can increase the likelihood of achieving desired results in endeavors.

Finally, Panchanga serves as a crucial tool in Vedic astrology to determine auspicious and inauspicious times for daily activities based on planetary positions. Understanding the Panchanga can provide insights into one’s emotions, temperament, and nature, enhancing the understanding of one’s birth chart characteristics.

In conclusion, this week brings a blend of planetary shifts, festive celebrations, and auspicious timings, guiding individuals to align with cosmic energies for success and favorable outcomes in various aspects of life.

By Neeraj Dhankher (Vedic Astrologer, Founder – Astro Zindagi) Email:, Url: Contact: Noida: +919910094779

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