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Video of Xena the Witch’s Viral Flashing Incident on Jack Doherty and HeelMike Kick’s Live Stream



Video of Xena the Witch ex-girlfriend of Sneako flashing on Jack Doherty and HeelMike Kick during live stream goes viral on social media

With a shocking turn of events, a viral clip featuring Xena the Witch ex-girlfriend of Sneako is trending on the internet. The three videos of Xena the Witch from the same incident are currently spreading like wildfire on various social media platforms.

Meanwhile, it has sparked a debate about misdemeanors in front of the public. Here, we will delve into the story to find out what the fuss is all about. Keep scrolling.

Video of Xena the Witch flashing during live stream goes viral 

As mentioned above, a video of a streamer flashing on camera has gone viral on the internet. Recently, there have been numerous instances of streamers going nude in front of a global audience. This has sparked significant public backlash for promoting nudity and sexual content on public platforms

Twitch introduced a revised policy in December 2023, explicitly prohibiting streamers from promoting sexual content and nudity, especially during live streams. Subsequently, Kick has also banned sexual content, including explicit dance moves like twerking, and inappropriate clothing during live streams.

The viral clip started when Jack challenged Rumble streamer Sneako’s ex-girlfriend XenaTheWitcher to flash her bare chest on camera. Later another video came to light where she can be seen sitting in a chair during live stream and suddenly flashes her chest. The incident has attracted a huge backlash from the netizens. 

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The video has generated millions of clicks and views. We urge our readers not to watch or share such videos as they contain sexually explicit content that does not apply to people under 18. 

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