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Vifor Pharma takes steps to address accusations of anti-competitive behavior towards competitor, ET HealthWorld.



Vifor Pharma offers to rectify anti-competitive behaviour against rival, ET HealthWorld

In a bid to rectify its disparaging campaign against a competitor, Vifor Pharma has offered to make amends for its actions that targeted the rival’s iron deficiency medicine. The European Commission had been investigating Vifor’s marketing campaign against Danish rival Pharmacosmos’ iron deficiency treatment, Monofer, for the past two years.

Vifor, a part of Australian group CSL, has now proposed a comprehensive communication campaign to address the potentially misleading messages regarding the safety of Monofer. As part of the offer, Vifor will refrain from promoting or discussing Monofer’s safety profile for a period of 10 years in the European Economic Area.

Pharmacosmos has stated that it will carefully review the proposed commitments by Vifor. Interested parties have been given a month to provide feedback on the proposal before the European Commission decides whether to accept Vifor’s offer and close the investigation without any admission of wrongdoing or imposition of any fines.

The move by Vifor comes as a significant development in the antitrust investigation initiated by the EU competition enforcer. The company’s willingness to address the concerns raised by the Commission through corrective actions demonstrates a cooperative approach to resolving the matter and avoiding potential penalties.

Overall, Vifor Pharma’s offer to rectify its disparaging campaign against a competitor signifies a proactive step towards addressing regulatory concerns and ensuring fair competition in the pharmaceutical industry. The final decision on accepting the proposal rests with the European Commission following the feedback from stakeholders.

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