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Study Reveals Drug-Resistant TB Strains Impose Major Challenge to Treatment Efficacy and Control Measures



Significant challenge posed by drug-resistant TB strains to efficacy of treatment, control measures: Study, ET HealthWorld

In a recent study conducted by Haystack Analytics in collaboration with Dr DY Patil Medical College, Pune, concerning Tuberculosis (TB) dynamics in India, alarming statistics have been revealed. With over 2.95 million active TB cases reported in India in 2020, including 135,000 cases of multidrug-resistant TB, the study sheds light on the challenges posed by drug-resistant strains to treatment and control measures. The study, based on real-world data on TB drug-resistance profiles through whole-genome sequencing of 600 clinical samples from TB patients in India, provides crucial insights for clinicians and policymakers.

The study found that in presumptive MDR-TB cases, pre-extensively drug-resistant TB (pre-XDR-TB) was present in 50.83% of cases, highlighting significant resistance not only to common TB drugs like rifampicin and isoniazid but also to fluoroquinolones. Moreover, the study identified the predominant TB lineages in India as the Beijing genotype (39.5%), followed by Delhi-CAS (36.66%) and EAI (14.50%). Of concern was the high prevalence of pre-XDR TB in the age group of 15-35 years.

Dr. Anirvan Chatterjee, CEO and Co-founder of Haystack Analytics, emphasized the urgent need to rethink the conventional approach to TB management in India, given the country’s substantial burden of TB cases. The study advocates for the use of whole-genome sequencing for accurate diagnostics, personalized treatment strategies, and policy interventions to address the rising challenge of drug-resistant TB. By educating healthcare professionals and patients on utilizing advanced technologies like whole-genome sequencing and newer diagnostic tools, the study aims to enhance TB control efforts and combat the burden of the disease effectively.

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