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Promising Results for Pfizer’s RSV Shot in High-Risk Adults under 60 According to Trial on ET HealthWorld



Pfizer RSV shot meets goals in trial of high-risk adults under age 60, ET HealthWorld

Pfizer’s RSV vaccine, Abrysvo, has shown promising results in a trial for adults under the age of 60, generating an immune response similar to that in older adults. The U.S. drugmaker plans to seek expanded approval for the vaccine in adults ages 18 to 59. Dr. Iona Munjal from Pfizer emphasized the potential benefit for an expanded age population at risk.

GSK, Pfizer’s rival, has also launched a competing RSV vaccine, Arexvy, in 2023. GSK is seeking to expand the age range for its vaccine as well. Pfizer and GSK are both vying for a larger share of the RSV vaccine market.

The trial for Pfizer’s vaccine involved 681 high-risk adults aged 18 to 59 with conditions such as asthma and diabetes. The immune response in this group was deemed non-inferior to that in older adults. Dr. David Boulware from the University of Minnesota suggested that individuals with organ transplants or undergoing cancer treatment may benefit clinically from the vaccine.

While the FDA is expected to decide on the label expansion for GSK’s vaccine by June 7, Pfizer has not provided a timeframe for when it expects regulatory consideration for its expanded approval. RSV, a common respiratory virus, poses a significant risk to vulnerable populations such as toddlers and older adults.

In conclusion, Pfizer’s Abrysvo vaccine has shown promising results in a trial for high-risk adults under 60, prompting the company to seek expanded approval for a wider age range. The competition with GSK continues as both companies aim to address the need for effective RSV vaccines in vulnerable populations.

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