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New York’s Supreme Court to Consider Abortion Insurance Coverage Case, Reports ET HealthWorld



New York's high court to hear case on abortion insurance coverage, ET HealthWorld

In a significant legal battle, New York’s highest court is set to hear arguments in a lawsuit challenging a regulation that mandates health insurance policies to cover medically necessary abortions. The lawsuit, filed by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany and other church groups, argues that the regulation infringes upon their religious beliefs. This case could have broader implications for abortion access in the state.

The State’s financial regulators approved the abortion coverage requirement in 2017, and the Legislature further solidified it into law in 2022. The religious groups are specifically contesting the state’s regulation and not the law itself, meaning that the coverage will remain intact regardless of the lawsuit’s outcome. However, if the Court of Appeals decides to overturn the regulation, it could pave the way for a challenge to the law using a similar argument, potentially affecting abortion access in New York.

The hearing on this contentious issue is scheduled for Tuesday, where legal arguments will be presented before the state’s highest court. The outcome of this lawsuit could potentially impact the reproductive rights landscape in the state, sparking debates on religious freedom, healthcare policies, and the right to access abortion services. Stay tuned for the court’s decision on this critical matter.

Published On Apr 17, 2024 at 06:40 AM IST.

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