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Kerala Minister instructs officials to enforce steps under health act



Invoke steps under health act, Kerala minister directs officials, ET HealthWorld

In response to the bird flu outbreak in two wards in Alappuzha, Kerala Health Minister Veena George has directed the director of the health department to take action under the Kerala Public Health Act, 2023. Panchayat-level committees in Alappuzha have been instructed to urgently convene, with nearby panchayats and municipalities under surveillance at the district level. The progress reports from these areas are to be reported at the state level, and the ‘One Health’ committees in all districts are to be strengthened.

The minister emphasized that while bird flu has not affected humans in the state so far, precautions are necessary to prevent its spread. It is crucial for everyone to follow the guidelines provided by the health department. Monitoring of fever and other symptoms in the affected areas is ongoing, and individuals in these areas are advised to consult a doctor if they experience respiratory problems.

The health department’s proactive approach to monitoring and prevention highlights the government’s commitment to public health and safety. By swiftly implementing measures under the Kerala Public Health Act, 2023, the authorities are working towards containing the outbreak and safeguarding the well-being of the community. Further updates and developments on the situation are expected as the health department continues to assess and address the bird flu situation in Alappuzha.

Published on Apr 21, 2024 at 10:39 AM IST.

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