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India is fully prepared to advance towards becoming a science powerhouse: Nature, ET HealthWorld



India more than ready to take next step towards becoming science powerhouse: Nature, ET HealthWorld

In a recent editorial, the prestigious science journal ‘Nature’ has highlighted India’s potential to become a science powerhouse, calling for increased research and development spending, particularly from the private sector. The editorial emphasized the importance of investing in basic research and granting greater autonomy to the research system to drive scientific advancements in the country.

India, known for its economic prowess, has made significant achievements in the field of science and technology. The country boasts the world’s third-largest pharmaceutical industry by volume, and has been a leading supplier of affordable medicines and generic drugs crucial for combating the global COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, India achieved a milestone by becoming the fourth country to achieve a soft landing on the Moon and the first to land near the lunar south pole.

Despite these achievements, India’s research and development spending remains relatively low compared to other nations. The editorial noted that in 2020-21, India only allocated 0.64% of its GDP to R&D, a figure that pales in comparison to the investments made by leading economies. The editorial urged policymakers and industrialists to increase science spending and encourage businesses to contribute more towards research and development initiatives.

The editorial also highlighted the growth in India’s academic and research institutions, with an increase in the number of universities and the establishment of new Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research. However, the editorial underscored the need for a substantial increase in R&D funding to bolster India’s scientific capabilities and propel the country towards becoming a science powerhouse.

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