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Increased awareness and focus on health issues such as cancer seen in India: ET HealthWorld



India witnessing heightened awareness, attentiveness towards health issues like cancer, ET HealthWorld

In a recent report by Healthians, it has been highlighted that there has been a significant increase in cancer screening awareness in India since 2016. The data reveals a 50-fold increase in individuals opting for cancer screening services, indicating a heightened awareness towards serious health issues like cancer. This positive trend reflects a growing awareness among the populace regarding the importance of early detection and preventive healthcare measures.

Despite the increase in the number of screenings, recent data from the report shows a concerning trend where the percentage of positive cases has also increased over the last five years. This anomaly raises questions about the effectiveness of preventive healthcare measures and calls for further analysis and intervention to address the underlying factors contributing to the rise in positive cases.

Founder of Healthians, Deepak Sahni, emphasized the importance of proactive health management and preventive healthcare measures, stating that enhanced screening efforts and increased penetration of preventive health services hold the promise of saving lives by detecting diseases early and improving health outcomes. The report also highlighted encouraging trends in tier II and tier III cities where awareness and uptake of preventive healthcare services are on the rise, underscoring the need for targeted interventions to address the evolving healthcare needs of diverse populations.

The shift in dynamics of preventive healthcare screening in India calls for a closer examination of screening protocols and public health messaging to ensure optimal health outcomes. As more individuals engage in preventive screenings, there is a tangible opportunity to mitigate the burden of cancer by identifying cases at earlier stages, ultimately leading to a healthier future for all.

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