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HealthWorld Minister Engages with CS and ET



Minister to CS, ET HealthWorld

In a recent development, Delhi Health Minister Saurabh Bharadwaj has instructed the chief secretary to personally visit one government hospital and Mohalla Clinic daily to assess the scarcity of medicines and consumables. The directive includes interacting with patients and their attendants to gather firsthand feedback, with daily reports to be submitted by the top bureaucrat.

According to the minister, ground reports have highlighted a distressing scarcity of free medicines, despite assurances from the health secretary and chief secretary that all essential medications are being provided. There has been no immediate response from Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar or Health Secretary SB Deepak Kumar to the allegations.

Bharadwaj emphasized the importance of firsthand experience in assessing the availability of essential medicines and consumables in hospitals. He directed the chief secretary to engage with patients and their attendants at the pharmacy counters during OPD hours, ensuring that prescribed medications are provided.

The health minister accused the chief secretary and health secretary of misleading the government and the legislative assembly regarding the availability of medicines. The issue was discussed in the assembly earlier this month, with AAP MLAs raising concerns about shortages in government hospitals.

Bharadwaj called for accountability from the chief secretary and health secretary, demanding explanations for the discrepancies in reports. He stressed the need for compliance with specific directives on medicine availability, without any excuses. The minister’s actions highlight a proactive approach to addressing healthcare challenges in Delhi.

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