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Government establishes task force to focus on brain health care, says ET HealthWorld



Govt forms task force on brain healthcare, ET HealthWorld

In a move to address the increasing burden of neurological disorders in India, the Union Health Ministry has established a ‘National Task Force on Brain Health’. The task force aims to enhance the accessibility and quality of brain healthcare at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels, as reported in an office memorandum issued on Saturday.

Brain health is an emerging concept encompassing preventive, promotive, and rehabilitative domains to ensure brain health for all as part of universal health coverage. With disorders of the nervous system being the leading cause of disability-adjusted life years and the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for 9 million deaths per year, the memorandum underscores the urgency of addressing neurological health in the country.

Despite improvements in national healthcare access, disparities based on socioeconomic status, age, geography, and gender persist. The task force, comprised of technical experts in neurological care and science along with concerned ministries, will review existing gaps and make recommendations to bridge them effectively.

The National Task Force on Brain Health will focus on recommending pathways to enhance brain healthcare accessibility and quality across different levels of care. It will also propose specific actions to strengthen the healthcare system for timely diagnosis, treatment, and care of patients with neurological disorders, including strategies for prevention and management. Additionally, the task force will suggest ways to improve rehabilitation infrastructure to support individuals with neurological conditions, ultimately aiming to enhance overall well-being and functioning.

The task force is expected to submit its recommendations by July 15, marking a crucial step towards addressing the growing challenges posed by neurological disorders and promoting neurological health in the country.

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