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Government considers proposal to make common drugs available at general stores



Common drugs at general stores? Government mulls over idea, ET HealthWorld

In a recent meeting held in New Delhi, a government-appointed committee discussed the possibility of making commonly used drugs, such as cough and cold medicines, antacids, and fever-reducing drugs, available at general stores in India. The committee, tasked with creating India’s over-the-counter (OTC) drug policy, is considering this suggestion to improve accessibility, especially in rural areas. However, no decision has been made yet.

Over-the-counter medicines are drugs that can be sold without a doctor’s prescription, and countries like the USA, UK, and Australia have clear guidelines regarding their classification, uses, and regulation. In February, Director General of Health Services Atul Goel formed an expert committee to formulate India’s OTC drug policy. The committee recently submitted its first list of drugs that could be sold over the counter, leading to the meeting on Monday to discuss any potential additions or subtractions.

According to a source, India currently lacks guidelines or a list of drugs that should be sold over the counter, with the default being that a drug is considered OTC unless specified as prescription-only. This marks the first time such an exercise is being undertaken in the country to establish clarity on OTC drugs.

The discussion around allowing the sale of common medicines in grocery stores, as seen in many countries abroad, aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for consumers. While the deliberations are ongoing, the decision on implementing this approach in India’s OTC drug policy remains pending.

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