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GMCH’s Advanced Nuclear Medicine Department Enhances Diagnosis Capabilities, Featured on ET HealthWorld



Advanced Nuclear Medicine Dept To Improve Diagnosis At Gmch, ET HealthWorld

In an effort to enhance diagnostic capabilities, Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) in Nagpur is gearing up for the establishment of a dedicated nuclear medicine department at the Super Speciality Hospital (SSH) attached to the facility. The department is expected to significantly improve patient care, especially for individuals with heart diseases, cancer, and other ailments.

The seeds of this new department were planted in 2017-18 when the District Planning Committee (DPC) allocated Rs. 8.3 crore for its development. Delays in obtaining final approval from the Department of Medical Education and Research were encountered initially. However, after Dean Dr. Raj Gajbhiye took charge, a revised proposal seeking Rs. 9.5 crore was approved by the DPC this year, paving the way for a swift tender process and clearing administrative hurdles for the department’s construction.

Nuclear medicine involves the use of small amounts of radioactive materials, known as radiopharmaceuticals, to diagnose and treat medical conditions. These materials are administered to patients and target specific organs or tissues, which emit radiation that is then analyzed through imaging techniques. Dr. Gajbhiye expressed excitement about the department’s potential to revolutionize patient care at GMCH, benefiting a wide range of patients with endocrinology, thyroid, kidney, and neurological issues.

The nuclear medicine department at GMCH is expected to not only assist heart and cancer patients but also provide valuable diagnostic tools for various other conditions. The addition of this specialized department underscores the hospital’s commitment to advancing medical care and technology for the benefit of the community.

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