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Experts Warn: Ignoring Voice Changes for Weeks Can Lead to Throat Cancer, According to ET HealthWorld



Ignoring Voice Changes For Wks Can Lead To Throat Cancer: Experts, ET HealthWorld

In Lucknow, experts have warned that ignoring voice changes, hoarseness, and throat pain for more than three weeks can have serious health consequences, including the risk of throat cancer. The cautionary message was delivered during a program organized by the Association of Otolaryngologists on World Voice Day. Dr. Rakesh Srivastava emphasized the importance of not neglecting these symptoms, as they can worsen and lead to difficulties in swallowing and speaking, eventually requiring more extensive treatments, even surgery.

At the event, attended by around 100 participants, including artists, vocalists, and doctors, renowned actor Anil Rastogi was honored with a lifetime achievement award. Dr. Anubhuti Dhanuka also addressed the audience, highlighting lifestyle disorders as a significant contributor to voice problems in nearly half of patients. Unhealthy habits such as acid reflux can lead to voice box infections and throat issues, with Dr. Dhanuka noting the concerning trend of these habits affecting children and potentially causing future health problems.

The experts stressed the need for early detection and intervention when experiencing voice-related symptoms, as timely attention to these issues can prevent more severe health complications in the long run. Patients are advised to seek medical help promptly if they notice any persistent changes in their voice or throat, as proactive management can significantly improve the outcome and reduce the risk of serious conditions like throat cancer.

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