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Experts: Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, and Processed Food Linked to Sperm DNA Damage, Reports ET HealthWorld



Smoking, consumption of alcohol and processed food linked to sperm DNA damage: Experts, ET HealthWorld

In a recent press conference at AIIMS, Delhi, experts warned about the detrimental effects of unhealthy lifestyle habits on sperm DNA. Dr. Rima Dada, a Professor at the Department of Anatomy, highlighted the link between smoking, alcohol consumption, processed food intake, excessive use of cell phones, and poor sperm quality. These factors can lead to infertility, recurrent abortions in women, and birth defects in children.

According to Dr. Dada, delayed marriage and conception also contribute to the deterioration of sperm quality. Additionally, advancing age can result in the decline of sperm DNA quality, leading to genetic mutations and epigenetic changes that may impact offspring’s health.

The experts emphasized the importance of men being aware of how their habits and stress levels can leave an epigenetic mark on their sperm. Leading a healthy lifestyle and practicing daily yoga can improve mitochondrial and nuclear DNA integrity, enhance antioxidant and anti-inflammatory gene expression, and promote DNA repair mechanisms.

Furthermore, regular yoga practice can increase the expression and activity of Telomerase, reduce oxidative damage to sperm organelles, and improve DNA quality. This ultimately reduces the genetic and epigenetic disease burden in offspring and positively influences their health trajectory.

It is crucial for individuals, especially men, to understand the impact of their lifestyle choices on sperm quality and take proactive steps to maintain optimal reproductive health for themselves and the well-being of future generations.

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