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Expert Identifies Crucial Areas for Expanding Companion Diagnostics in India, According to ET HealthWorld



Expert Highlights Key Areas for Scaling Companion Diagnostics in India, ET HealthWorld

In a recent panel discussion hosted by ETHealthworld at the India Diagnostics Summit, experts delved into the world of companion diagnostics in the Indian healthcare market. The panel, consisting of key figures in the industry, highlighted the importance of companion diagnostics in providing personalized treatment options for patients based on their individual data.

Dr. Shivani Sharma emphasized the need for affordable infrastructure and professional training to maximize the impact of companion diagnostics, while Dr. Rajesh Bendre noted the gradual adoption of this subset in India, despite challenges such as technology availability and affordability. Dr. Chandrasekhar Nair spoke about the changing landscape of tuberculosis detection in India through the adoption of molecular technology, showcasing improved access to remote areas.

Dr. Aakaar Kapoor shed light on the potential of new radio tracers in radiology and nuclear medicine as game changers for companion diagnostics, highlighting the development of MRI and ultrasound contrast agents for clinical trials. Dr. Nair stressed the importance of developing a device ecosystem in India and innovation at multiple levels to address the lack of evidence from the Indian population.

The experts also discussed the standardization of methods across different labs, the use of AI and ML for comprehensive patient reports, and the need for government collaboration with the pharma and diagnostic industries to enhance reach and impact. Overall, the panel provided valuable insights into the current status, challenges, and future opportunities of companion diagnostics in the Indian healthcare system.

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