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Empowering Young Medics in Liver Research: A Collaborative Effort between India and the United States, ET HealthWorld



Empowering Young Medics in Liver Research: Indo-US Initiative, ET HealthWorld

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the John C Martin Centre for Liver Research and Innovations (JCMLRI) has partnered with the Stravits-Sanyal Institute for Liver and Metabolic Health, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond. The aim of this collaboration is to expose 17 young clinicians from various parts of the country to research and exchange programs in the field of hepatology. This initiative marks the first of its kind in India and is geared towards enhancing the skills of these clinicians to provide better treatment for liver patients.

Led by Dr Abhijit Chowdhury, the head of the hepatology department at IPGME&R and professor and chair of hepatology at IILDS, the selected clinicians have been chosen based on their merits from different institutes across the country. As part of this collaboration, a two-day workshop titled ‘SHARP’ is being organized by both institutes with the support of the Indian Council of Medical Research and the Department of Health Research. The workshop aims to sharpen the participants’ abilities in hepatology research program and is being conducted by esteemed panelists from India and abroad.

Located on the campus of the Indian Institute of Liver Diseases and Digestive Sciences (IILDS) in Sonarpur, JCMLRI is committed to the treatment, education, and research in gastroenterology and liver diseases. The Liver Foundation, West Bengal, a non-profit organization, has been instrumental in developing both JCMLRI and IILDS.

Among the 17 clinicians selected for the Indo-US collaborative research programs, three are from Kolkata. Srijan Mazumdar and Souveek Mitra are from IILDS, while Shreyashi Dasgupta is from JCMLRI. The collaboration aims to provide mentorship and guidance to young researchers in the field of hepatology and empower them to make impactful contributions to the healthcare sector. Eminent personalities in the field have commended this collaborative effort as a significant step towards advancing liver research and treatment methodologies.

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