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Director of NITI Aayog featured in ET HealthWorld



NITI Aayog Director, ET HealthWorld

In the rapidly evolving healthcare market, the balance between government efforts and private sector participation is crucial for optimal resource utilization and desired health outcomes. The public-private partnership (PPP) model offers opportunities for innovation, establishment, and scaling of ideas or businesses, benefiting both financial gains and public healthcare maintenance.

Urvashi Prasad, Director of NITI Aayog, emphasized the importance of PPP in building a healthier India during her address at the India Diagnostics Summit. She highlighted the shift towards preventive healthcare post-COVID and the potential of medical advancements like smart wearables and sensors in disrupting the mental health sector.

Prasad mentioned the development of devices by startups capable of assessing the risk of depression based on various metrics, making such technologies accessible and affordable beyond urban classes. She also discussed the anticipated rise in demand for preventive screenings, wellness packages, advanced diagnostics, and the transformative potential of AI-based screening devices.

Addressing the demographic shift, Prasad highlighted the projected increase in the population over 60 years old and the need for PPP in providing affordable screening, remote monitoring devices, telehealth services, and healthcare infrastructure development in rural areas. She advocated for a production-linked incentive scheme to encourage the manufacturing of medical devices in India to ensure accessibility at reasonable rates.

In conclusion, Prasad’s insights shed light on the critical role of PPP in advancing healthcare in India and the importance of collaboration between the government and private sector for sustainable progress in the healthcare industry.

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